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My Dirty Life and Times


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24 October 1981
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Thinking about reading my journal?
Just read the recommendations!

"shannon27: a spoonful of goodness in every bite!" — ms_brass

"Shannon: Hundreds of Love-Sick Sheep Can't Be Wrong" — abelburning

"Read Shannon's journal, If you only read one thing this year...
Well, I guess you really don't read very much.
Do you want to wind-up an illiterate?
DO YOU?!!!" — rambert

"To every generation there is a choosen one. She alone will face the tube tops, fashion victims, and evil music. She is...Shannon!!" —leboo

"Delicious milk chocolate with a hard candy shell"
"You liked her in DeathWish 7. You were inspired by her prowess in Peter Pan: The Dinner Party. Now, fall in love with her all over again in her new film, Colonel Cheese, We Hardly Knew Ye!"
"Shannon: A question, wrapped in a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in cotton." —captainjew

"Shannon is a wonderful experience. She is perceptive and endlessly amusing. Quirky and supersexy!" — duckaroo

"Such wit, insight, and humanity has never before been witnessed in an author so young. A challenging read but all the more rewarding for the effort. Even in its rare unsettling moments it is a thorough pleasure. Its a bit like being bludgeoned to death by a very comfortable freshly cleaned goose down pillow."
"Stays crunchy in milk"
— coldlikesnow

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